Nano Finland Oy

Nano Finland Oy is an importer and repair contractor company founded in 2015. Nano Finland Oy imports high quality Nano4life products. Nano4life is the global market leader in nanotechnology coatings and the brand is sold in 60 countries. We are the official importer and distributor of Nano4life products in Finland.

Nano coatings

SOL-GEL technology

Some silicone, titanium, aluminium or zircon materials are very compact. They can be treated as nano-powder or stabilized as a colloidal solution. The fabricated nano materials can be further modified so that they are uniquely suited to the surface treatment of different materials when it is desired to improve or alter the properties of the surface. SOL-GEL technology is a cost-effective alternative to surface treatment requiring vacuum conditions. SOL is applied to the surface by the usual methods such as immersion, spraying or mechanical application. The applied GEL layer is then converted to a very hard ceramic surface and the resulting ceramic layer will fundamentally alter the surface properties. Resistance to mechanical wear and corrosion will improve, as well as the water repellent properties of the treated surface. Traces of wear and tear on the surfaces can be corrected and the appearance and life of the treated object will improve. Secondly, this method can be used to increase functionalities such as electricity and light-conductivity properties, thereby opening up opportunities for the development of a variety of innovations.


Ecology is important to our business. The products we import significantly reduce the need for chemical detergents that damage the soil and extend the life of the surfaces to be treated. Nano4life products are safe and have been awarded a number of international certifications.


Above all, we want to be a reliable player. Our products are always prime quality and homogeneous. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we always react quickly to feedback received. We want to establish long-lasting partnerships with our partners, which will be of benefit to all parties.


Nano Finland Oy and Nano4life are pioneers in nanoprene coatings. We use the latest technology in manufacturing and develop new market areas. Nanotechnology coatings have unlimited potential. All the time new industries and intended uses become available in which our products can be utilized.